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Core Values

Harmony: We believe that each part of our OAYS professional community compliments the team as a whole in our shared pursuit of providing cutting-edge services. We believe that harmony, cooperative idea-sharing, working together, and maintaining an integrated focus on our goals and objectives, is essential in the establishment of a professional culture and character that demonstrates a commitment to quality.


Joy: We foster an exuberant workplace where professional adults pursue their passions and are relentlessly curious. Joy at work makes us more productive, because when we create, innovate, and imagine, our motivation grows.​


Integrity: We exemplify high ethical standards through shared leadership, recognizing each other’s strengths and supporting our individual and collective weaknesses without diminishing or demeaning one another. We readily recognize when we may have made mistakes and we are quick to offer sincere apologies; saying “I am sorry,” is not a chore, but an understanding that through togetherness, we all achieve and accomplish our goals as a collective of bright individuals.


Honesty: We are honest, trustworthy and have high standards of behavior. We make decisions, take action and approach our work based on what is best for our organizational success. We do the right thing even when it is hard.


Peace: We believe in psychological and behavioral peace because we understand that the two domains are interrelated. We embrace the concept of being generous with compliments, recognition, and kindness to create a positive sharing and working environment. We embrace the social and emotional equity and safety of each individual interacting within our professional environment and process and believe that through peaceful interactions and resolutions, we can all maintain physical and emotional safety.


Excellence:​ As committed professionals, we have a strong mission of the most advanced program support provision and the development and promotion of long-term relationships within our membership, our communities and community partners, our staff, and each other (as a team). We realize that we have the unique privilege and honor to provide excellence in youth and family services support and technical assistance. We take pride in not only meeting, but also exceeding the expectations of everyone involved in the process.

Let's Make A Change


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