The goal of this effort is to present each agency with pertinent information and descriptive data of their Catchment Area. Statewide data is also provided to enable comparison by category of your agency and the state totals. Whenever possible a description or link will be posted for the source of the data depicted on the OAYS .org web site.

This information will be helpful when completing grant applications, completing a comprehensive agency needs assessment and for future request for applications for funding. Please review the data and let the office know if there are any errors or if you identify other categories of information that would be helpful to your agency.

Information and data collected are in the following categories (to activate a link, hold down the control key and click your mouse on the Link):

2016 Total population and 0-17 population –Kids Count Data Center – Link

2016 Teen births Source – Kids Count Data Center – Link

2016 Infant mortality – Kids Count Data Center – Link

2015 Children in poverty – Kids Count Data Center – Link

2016 Child abuse – child neglect – child abuse & neglect – Kids Count –  Link

2016 TANF Families – Kids Count Data Center – Link

2016 Children in Foster Care – Kids Count Data Center – Link

2016 Children aged out of Foster Care – Kids Count Data Center – Link

2015 Current Smokers – Current Health Rankings – Link

2013 Obesity by County – Link -The State of Obesity in Oklahoma by Jennifer Han, Ph.D. – Link

2016 JOLTS Youth Offenses – Office of Juvenile Affairs Jolts Reports – General Reports

2016 Drop Out Rate – Link

2014 High school graduation rates by county and school district – Link

2016 Math Proficiency – 8th Grade –Link

2016 Reading Proficiency – 3rd Grade – Link

2016 Under eighteen population by race – Link

2015 Oklahoma State Crime Statistics – Link

2016 Juvenile Offender Totals by County and Catchment Area, (JOLTS Derived) – Sam Davis

“To Date” Oklahoma unemployment rates by county. –  Link – click on excel spread sheet – county rates.

Homelessness in Oklahoma by region – Link (Local data will be more specific to your catchment)

Bullying prevention in Oklahoma schools – Information Link (Local data will be more specific to your area)

Domestic violence in Oklahoma – State information – Link (Local data will be more specific to your catchment)