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The OAYS office and resources provide support, management, training, consultation and technical assistance to designated youth service agencies. Our primary focus is to provide a consistent statewide response to youth and families referred because of identified problems or needs. Each OAYS Agency is community-based and locally controlled by a citizen board of directors.  These agencies provide a vehicle for citizens to collaborate on projects and share knowledge and resources.  Community partnerships empower OAYS agencies to offer structured summertime activities for kids, alternative education programs, day treatment programs, detention centers and group homes.


Individual, Family, Group Counseling - Qualified professional staff within the 41 member agencies provide one-on-one, family, and group counseling services.  Each Youth Services Agency has 24-hour emergency support and staff members on-call.  Supervision, training and experience prepare staff members to deal with a multitude of youth-related problems and issues.

Outreach Services - OAYS offers clients a full-range of Outreach Services, utilizing both traditional and nontraditional models.  Prevention and intervention services in local communities are provided to youth in schools, community centers and their own homes.  A sampling of services provided by an individual OAYS agency might include counseling, first offender services, ropes courses and other adventure-based programs, educational services, day treatment, and parenting classes.


Community based prevention services include information/referral services, school outreach and support services, community development; community education, service brokerage and child and youth advocacy services. Services can include: First Time Offender Program (FTOP), Anger Management, Prevention and Relationship Enhancement program (PREP), Parenting program, Substance Abuse treatment/prevention, STD/HIV prevention.

First Time Offender Program services are provided statewide.  The program is designed for juveniles who have committed a first-time misdemeanor or non-violent felony and are referred to the program by the Juvenile Services Unit, municipal courts and the Juvenile Bureaus.  The program involves juveniles and their parents in 12 hours or more of skill development classes emphasizing communication, anger management, problem solving, decision-making, values and understanding the consequences of their misconduct. 


 Community based residential services meet the community youth's needs for residential placement during periods of crisis or treatment.

       Emergency Shelters--There are 32 shelter programs (including 3 host home programs) in the OAYS network.  These shelters are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are designed for youth who need temporary residential care.  Each shelter is licensed and includes daily counseling programs, education and recreation.  The youth are cared for and supervised by a qualified professional staff. 

 Some OAYS member agencies also operate Community Intervention Centers (CICs), foster homes, therapeutic foster homes, group homes and detention centers.


 Community based treatment services include therapeutic and rehabilitation services aimed at reducing the risk of community inside the community. Services can include behavioral outpatient care, home-based care, Communities-At-Risk services (CARS), Medicaid, Substance Abuse and Intensive Outpatient care.





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